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BITS Logatome Synthesis Corpus - BITS-LG

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This corpus contains 11036 recordings of logatomes spoken by 4 professional speakers covering all German diphone combinations as well as the most prominent combination German - French - English. Each logatome was recorded in three channels: close microphone, large membrane microphone and laryngographic signal. All diphones are segmented and labelled into phonemic units.
The same 4 professional speakers also spoke the BITS Unit Selection corpus (BITS-US) enabling the user to combine diphone and unit selection techniques.

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Audio examples

Recording LG20021126_0 close microphone
Recording LG20021126_1 laryngographic signal
Recording LG20021126_2 large membrane microphone

Availability and fees

Without restrictions (except the re-distribution to third parties).
BITS Logatome Synthesis Corpus - BITS-LG 4 voices
4 DVD-R Iso 9660 + shipping + handling
Scientific EUR 754,35 (ELRA Members EUR 627,17) + VAT
Commercial EUR 9.000,00 (ELRA Members EUR 4627,17) + VAT

It is possible to order voices individually.

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