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Meta-Data (CMDI)

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Last update of this page: 2012-07-27

CMDI Meta-Data

Within the european CLARIN project a new meta data standard CMDI was defined in 2010 for the open and distributed storage and distribution of meta data (in the long term CMDI will inherit the IMDI standard which is no longer supported). The BAS offers CMDI since 2012 for it's resources; the previous coding in IMDI will be not extended any more, but the BAS IMDI server will retain the state of 2011.

The advantage of CMDI against IMDI is an open format that allows the coding of all kind of data types, and a reference to IsoCAT for data descriptions. Further more CMDI links to the primary data.

CMDI meta data of BAS describe either whole corpora (CMDI Profile media-corpus-profile) or single recording sessions within corpora (media-session-profile). They are accessible

In ARBIL right-click on 'Remote corpora' and select 'Add remote location'. Insert the URL of the corpus CMDI, and Arbil will download the meta data from the BAS repository and displays them in a structured form.

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