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There should always be one primary accent (') per entry, even if the whole word consists of only one syllable. This is to
allow a distinction between words and non-words, as  slips of the tongue and truncated words do not receive any accent

For the allocation of primary accents the DUDENis again the most reliable reference.

Secondary accents ('') are not indicated in the DUDEN, though. They occur mainly in phrases, compounds and prefix verbs.

Example: Aimee-und-Jaguar QEm''e:Untj'a:gua:r
  ''Offnungszeiten Q'9fnUNsts''aIt@n
  abbuchen Q'apb''u:x@n

Unusually long compounds may receive more than one primary accent. However, these cases should remain the exception.
Example: Rechnungswesenabschlu"spr"ufung

NB  There can't be more than one accent marker per syllable.
 Syllables that contain no other vowel but /@/ or /6/ can never receive any accent markers.

Sonja Biersack 2003-04-02