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Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the transcription of a word list is consistency. A word list has to be logical in itself and also in comparison to other word lists. How difficult it is to keep long lists consistent can be seen from the standard works on German pronunciation like the "DUDEN - Das Aussprachewörterbuch", for example. This and the fact that we now and then aim at a somewhat more phonetic transcription than that provided by the canonic forms of the DUDEN makes it necessary to suggest some modifications and own conventions. Nevertheless, the DUDEN should be considered the decisive reference for all transcriptions.

The transcription conventions are structured such that different word lists from different sources can be edited with different amounts of effort (depending on the requirements). The conventions that can be found in the chapter 'Basic Transcription' hold for all types of word lists. All other conventions only have to be paid attention to if the information they regulate is relevant to the respective transcription task.

To give an account of the type of transcription made, a simple check list like the following will be enough. It should be infact always attached to the transcribed list. The example shows a check list for the VERBMOBIL lexicon:

Transcription according to <URL of this document>
Primary accent +
Secondary accent +
Morpheme markers-
Compound markers+
Function word markers+

Sonja Biersack 2003-04-02