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File Name Assignment

The first thing to do after a recording session is to assign the correct filenames to the signal files7.2. Although it is possible to use an internal terminology during the post-processing, we do not recommend it to avoid unnecessary confusion. Therefore you should include an item in the check list for the experimenter that he/she correctly classifies the recorded raw data immediately after the recording and gives them the required names.

It's a good practice to use the prefix of a file name for your terminology and the suffix to mark the type of data file. For instance, if your recording device delivers raw signal files without header with 48kHz sampling rate, you might use the suffix .raw48 for these raw data files.

Since the assignment of file names is often done manually, it is wise to add a small parser in your automatic error detection routines (see section [*]) to find wrong or impossible file names according to your specified terminology.

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