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Simple List - Verbmobil

The following example is taken from the German part of the Verbmobil pronunciation list that was created together with the speech corpus. Note that it contains no blanks and the separation between orthographic and phonemic column is a single tab sign. The orthographic representation is encoded in LaTeX; the pronunciation in an extended German SAM-PA alphabet. Primary word stress is marked with a ' before the vowel or diphthong that carries the stress; secondary stress is marked with a ''. Compound boundaries are marked with a #. Stress is only marked in words with more than one syllable containing vowels other than schwa (schwa syllables are never stressed).
"Ubernachtungen 		Qy:b6n'axtUN@n
"Ubernachtungskosten    	Qy:b6n'axtUNs#k"Ost@n
"Ubernachtungsm"oglichk 	Qy:b6n'axtUNs#m"2:klICk
"Ubernachtungsm"oglichkeit      Qy:b6n'axtUNs#m"2:klICkaIt
"Ubernachtungsm"oglichkeiten    Qy:b6n'axtUNs#m"2:klICkaIt@n
"Uberschneidung 		Qy:b6Sn'aIdUN
"Uberschneidungen       	Qy:b6Sn'aIdUN@n
"Uberschneidungsprobleme        Qy:b6Sn'aIdUNs#pro:bl"e:m@
"Uberschneidungspunkt   	Qy:b6Sn'aIdUNs#p"UNkt
"Uberschneidungstermine 	Qy:b6Sn'aIdUNs#tE6m"i:n@
"Ubersetzungshilfe      	Qy:b6z'EtsUNs#h"Ilf@

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