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Check List Documentation

`Starting Document'

$\bigcirc$ Introduction *
$\bigcirc$ Copy rights, disclaimers *
$\bigcirc$ Version number and dates *
$\bigcirc$ List of documentation files *
$\bigcirc$ Corpus description *
Core Documentation
$\bigcirc$ Recruitment *
$\bigcirc$ Recording *
$\bigcirc$ Post-processing *
$\bigcirc$ Annotation *
$\bigcirc$ Meta data *
Other Documents
$\bigcirc$ Spoken texts, prompts *
$\bigcirc$ Original corpus specification **
$\bigcirc$ Validation reports **
$\bigcirc$ Publications, internal reports ***
$\bigcirc$ Comments ***
$\bigcirc$ Corpus history *
$\bigcirc$ Known errors *

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