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ELRA's2.5 mission is to promote language resources for the Human Language Technology (HLT) sector, and to evaluate language engineering technologies. ELDA is the distribution agency of the ELRA that keeps a large catalogue of speech resources within the European languages. ELDA is not only concerned with speech corpora but with language resources in general (including written text corpora, lexica and terminology databases). ELDA will most likely distribute your speech resource in commission and handle all the legal stuff for you. From time to time ELDA will select some language resources from their catalogue and let SPEX, a validation center in Nijmegen2.6, Netherlands, perform a formal validation of the resource. Since ELDA gives a discount to the members of the ELRA, they will most likely ask you to grant discounts as well. However, you should consider this carefully because the member fees of ELRA will not directly benefit you. A better method (for you) would be to increase the royalties for non-ELRA-members.

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