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Set up Logging Procedures (p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ for the recording protocol *
$\bigcirc$ for speaker meta data *
$\bigcirc$ for speaker comments **
$\bigcirc$ for questionnaires **
$\bigcirc$ statistical data ***
$\bigcirc$ Organize Pre-validation ** (p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Set up Procedures for Quality Control *(p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Check for Security *(p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Provide enough Storage *(p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Organize Data Pipelining *(p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Choose your Recruiting Technique *(p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Define Incentive and their Distribution *(p. [*])

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