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$\bigcirc$ Select/define annotations * (p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Integrate annotations into the data pipeline * (p. [*])

Always produce some kind of orthographic transcription:

$\bigcirc$ Define/select the orthographic transcription *(pp. [*], [*])
$\bigcirc$ Set up the transcription rules/method *(p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Define the delivery format of the transcript *(p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Choose/program the tools for transcription *(pp. [*], [*])
$\bigcirc$ Train the group of transcribers *
$\bigcirc$ Set up check procedures for the transcription *(p. [*])
$\bigcirc$ Test for inter-transcriber agreement ***(p. [*])

For each other annotation type, tagging (p. [*]) or segmentation (p. [*]):

$\bigcirc$ Define the annotation contents and rules *
$\bigcirc$ Define the delivery format of the annotation *
$\bigcirc$ Choose/program/test the tools for annotation *
$\bigcirc$ Train the labelers *
$\bigcirc$ Set up check procedures *
$\bigcirc$ Test for inter-labeler agreement *** (p. [*])

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