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Example: Verbmobil II

In the following example taken from the Verbmobil II corpus a number of compulsory parameters are not included. For instance the description of the acoustical environment was the same for all recordings and therefore described in the documentation of the corpus. Although this is legitimate in this case we would strongly recommend including such redundant information into the recording protocol to facilitate the browsing of corpora contents as described above.
dialogue_name   m144a
recording_date  990421
scenario_date   990421
recording_site  UHH
scenario_id     a
no_speakers     3
speaker1_id     QYX
speaker2_id     HAS
speaker3_id     HCB
speaker1_language       e0
speaker2_language       e1,g0
speaker3_language       g0
speaker1_recmed_spec    h
speaker2_recmed_spec    h
speaker3_recmed_spec    h
speaker1_micbrand       beyer_dynamic_nem_194
speaker2_micbrand       beyer_dynamic_nem_194
speaker3_micbrand       beyer_dynamic_nem_194

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