Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals
Audioatlas Siebenbuergisch-Saechsischer Dialekte - ASD

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ASD consists of a set of 2264 historical recordings (approx. 360h) of spoken dialectal German (Saxonian) recorded in Transilvania (Romania) in approx. 250 different locations. This up-to-now un-published material has been collected on analog tape in the 1960s and 70s by different linguists based at the universities of Bukarest, Hermannstadt and Klausenburg. Later these tapes have been digitized, and in 2009 - with the kind support of Prof. Dr. Stefan Sienerth, Direktor of the 'Instituts für deutsche Kultur und Geschichte Südosteuropas (IKGS)' - transfered to the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The corpus comprises different recording strategies and discourse types: on the one hand the classic German 'Wenker' sentences, on the other hand also fairy tales, song texts and free story-telling. Insofar, the corpus not only provides historical linguistic data but also input for ethnographical and historic disciplins. Since the age of the informants varies over a large range, this gives another dimension reflected in the metadata of the corpus. Further corpus features: geo reference of all recording sites; phonetic transcription of 'Wenker' sentence recordings; orthographic transcription of spontaneous speech recordings (approx. 450.000 running words); (partly) phonetic transcription of spontaneous speech; semantic labelling ('ontology'); extension to middle Bavarian recordings from the area 'Wassertal/Oberwischau'. In 2016 the present corpus version was created at the BAS CLARIN center of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München for indefinite archivation and distribution.

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Corpus dokumentation

Example signal

#1# {?unversta#ndlich}<warn d Eltern>es waren einmal Eltern</> <hammend acht Kindern ghabd>die haben acht Kinder gehabt</> #2# ja ... #1# der Vater<Vadder> war ja mit in die <wie heind sagd mern>wie man heute sagt</> <a deredscha liaber>ein wirklich Lieber</> a wo {?unversta#ndlich} #2# <es a Gschichdn a kurze>das ist eine kurze Geschichte</> gell <es a Gschichdn is das>das ist eine Geschichte</> #1# ja #2# mhm ... #1# <wor nid angschdeld>er war nicht angestellt</> <den hod er>den hat er</> <hausiger Orbeiter>Hausarbei 26 ter</> a so Privatarbeiter<Privatorbeiter> <immer war ja nid die Orbeid>es gab ja nicht immer Arbeit</> <und bein allen>und b 26 ei alldem</> <had er sich auch sehr verdrunkn>hat er auch sehr viel getrunken</> #2# mhm

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