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Corpora e Lessici dell'Italiano Parlato e Scritto, map task recordings - CLIPS_MT_MANUAL

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CLIPS_MT_MANUAL is a sub-corpus of the original Italian CLIPS corpus (Corpora e Lessici dell'Italiano Parlato e Scritto) that covers only 15 maptask dialogues recorded in 15 locations by local speaker pairs. The reason why BAS decided to bring forward another edition of these data is that we found a large number of errors (formal and content) in the annotation and signal files of the original corpus that prevented our colleagues to perform proper phonetic investigations. To make published results on these (corrected) data replicable for the scientific community BAS decided - with the kind permission of the CLIPS copyright holders - to ingest this part of CLIPS in the BAS CLARIN repository under the name 'CLIPS_MT_MANUAL' ('MT' = 'map task', 'MANUAL' indicates manual annotation), and make it so available for all European academic researchers. In a nutshell this corpus contains 3228 inspected and partially repaired WAV signal files, each containing one dialogue turn (*.wav), 3228 corrected original CLIPS annotation files (*.acs, *.phn, *.std, *.wrd), 3228 BAS Partitur files containing the annotation tiers ORT, KAN and SAP (*.par), 3228 EMU database annotation files (*.vot, *.hlb) covering 30 maptask dialogues performed by 30 speakers (each speaker pair performing two different map tasks) recorded in 15 different locations in Italy in 2000-2004.

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Corpus Documentation


Schiel F, Stevens M, Reichel U D, Cutugno F (2013): Machine Learning of Probabilistic Phonological Pronunciation Rules from the Italian CLIPS Corpus. In: Proc. of the Interspeech 2013, Lyon, France, 1414-1418.

Signal Examples

Recording DGmtB04R_p2G#142
passandogli<ii> <sp>% trovandot0i% %il gelato sulla destra praticamente gli devi<ii> <sp< gli devi andare intorno passandogli dalla sinistra
Recording DGmtB04R_p1F#143
<vocal> gli devo% %andare% %intorno

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