Bavarian Archive for Speech Ssignals

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Declaration for Scientific Usage

If your institution intends to license a BAS corpus / BAS web-service and you'll intend to use it strictly for scientific purposes, you may avoid paying the full licence fees by giving us a written declaration about the intended usage. This does not involve the pure costs for production and shipping.

Please note that companies are per se regarded as being commercial.

If you think that your organization applies and if there exist a discount for scientific usage for your desired resource/webservice, please include a written and signed declaration like the following into your order.


We, ...(name of institution)... hereby declare that the speech corpus / web-service ...(name corpus/service)... sub-licensed by the Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals (BAS), Munich, Germany will not be used for other than purely scientific and/or educational purposes. Also, there will be no direct or indirect development of any kind of commercially usable applications by exploiting these data/services. If there is any commercial exploitation of these data/services in the future by our institution, we will pay the full actual commercial licence fee to the BAS without explicit request.
Aside from this declaration we accept the published terms of usage of BAS.

(Date, Seal, Signature)

Florian Schiel