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The Ph@ttSessionz speech database contains recordings of 1019 adolescent speakers of German (age range 12-20). The recordings were performed via the WWW in public schools (Gymnasium) in 41 locations in Germany. The speech material recorded is a superset of the German SpeechDat-II and RVG-I corpora. Recordings were done with SpeechRecorder in selected schools in the years 2005-2007. Both channels, the headset and the desktop microphone, were recorded in high quality.

Korpus Documentation

Draxler, Chr., Schiel, F., Ellbogen, T. (2008): F0 of Adolescent Speakers - First Results for the German Ph@ttSessionz Database, Proc. of the LREC 2008, Marrakesh, Marocco.
Draxler, Chr., Steffen, A. (2005): PhattSessionz - Recording 1000 Adolescent Speakers in Schools in Germany, Proc. of the Eurospeech 2005.

Audio examples

Recording 2050/AAA205050_0.wav Headset
achte auf die Autos
Recording 2050/AAA205050_0.wav Desktop
achte auf die Autos

Availability and Costs

Without restrictions usable (except distribution to third parties).

Ph@ttSessionz 2.X.X - PHATTSESSIONZ
15 DVD-R Iso 9660 + shipping + handling
Scientific EUR 3.834,75 (ELRA Members EUR 1.917,30) + MWSt
Commercial EUR 6.834,75 (ELRA Members EUR 3.917,30) + MWSt


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