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SPINA - 'Robot Control'

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This corpus is the re-distribution of the original SPINA corpus. It contains a collection of over 10.810 utterances in the task domain 'Robot Control' of 22 speakers.

The new edition of the SPINA corpus includes the following changes/extensions:

General Corpus Documentation

BAS Validation Protocol

BAS Revalidation Protocol

Speaker Information

Texts: Words, Sentences

Audio files

Speaker 04, Session 01, Word 'Gegenstand'
Speaker 50, Session 02, Sentence 003
Gegenstand nach rechts drehen

Availability and Costs

SPINA - 'Robot Control'
1 CDROM Iso 9660 + Postage + Packaging EUR 255.65 (ELRA Members 50% discount)

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Florian Schiel