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The primary data of the SaGA corpus are made up of 25 dialogs of interlocutors (50), who engage in a spatial communication task combining direction-giving and sight description. Six of those dialogues with data only from the direction giver are available including audio (*.wav) and video (*.mp4) data. The secondary data consists of annotations (*.eaf) of gestures and speech-gesture referents, which have been completely and systematically annotated based on an annotation grid (cf. the SaGA documentation). The corpus is comprised of of 9881 isolated words and 1764 isolated gestures. The stimulus is a model of a town presented in a Virtual Reality (VR) environment. Upon finishing a "bus ride" through the VR town along five landmarks, a router explained the route as well as the wayside landmarks to an unknown and naive follower. The SaGA Corpus was curated for CLARIN as part of the Curation Project "Editing and Integration of Multimodal Resources in CLARIN-D" by the CLARIN-D Working Group 6 "Speech and Other Modalities".


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Bielefeld Speech and Gesture Alignment Corpus - SaGA
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