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The CDROMS of the BAS corpora are no mass production. Each CDROM is pressed from the last upgraded master available at the time of order ('press on demand'). Check the version number in the main documentation file for the exact version you are using. Each CDROM is mounted and tested for structure consistancy before shipping. However, in some very rare cases you may receive a CDROM that shows certain errors caused by the raw material. Please send back such a CDROM with a short note describing the error and BAS will replace the CDROM without any charges. Please note that optical pressed CDROMs have a lower life time than pressed CDROMs (e.g. 10 years). Please handle them with care. Also note that BAS takes no responsibility of any kind for damage caused by data errors on our CDROMs.

Update Service

The email address you give on your order will be used to inform you about new editions/upgrades of your purchased corpus or speech resource. Update information will be only given via email.
Depending on your license BAS will give you the following support, provided that BAS has the ability to keep up that service. As a non-profit organization we cannot guarantee the Update Service for an unlimited time.

Scientific License

The purchased license entitles your institution

Commercial License

The purchased license entitles your company Symbolic data include all data except the speech signal itself, e.g. labeling, transcript, segmentation, lexicon, software, etc.

Error Reports

BAS is always trying to keep the quality of the speech corpora as high as possible. If you or your colleagues report severe errors in the licensed corpus that causes BAS to produce a new edition of this corpus, your company/institution will receive one set of free copies of this new edition without paying any license or productions fees. A new edition of a BAS corpus is defined by an increase of the first version digit (e.g. PD1 2.3 -> PD1 3.0).


The following contacts may be used for questions/suggestions/new orders or error reports:

phone: +49-89-2180-2807
fax: +49-89-2800362

Please check our Web Pages from time to time for new corpora or new editions.

BAS is a profit free institution with the aim to promote scientific progress and engineering in Spoken Language Processing (SLP). We hope that our service will help you in your efforts. Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have a special need or project in the field of SLP. BAS is always interested to find new partners and cooperations.

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