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WEBCOMMAND contains recording sessions of 49 native speakers of France and Great Britain in two different quiet office rooms. In each session one speaker reads a list of 130 prompts from a screen. There are two prompt lists of 130 items each for each language; therefore most of the speakers have read 260 items in two different rooms. Speakers are recorded with two microphones: a high quality headset and a high quality microphone fixed to a 'webpad' hold on the lap. The corpus contains a total of 15600 two-channel recordings in 120 sessions.

From the corpus documentation

Speaker list

Command list English P und S

Command list French P und S

Audio files

British male speaker, Room S, Session 23
Start calender, current week.
Brititsh female speaker, Room P, Session 15
Start internet, Titanic.
French male speaker, Room S, Session 08
Appelez Fréderique Loget, maison.

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Siemens Webcommand - WEBCOMMAND
3 DVD-5 Iso 9660 + shipping + handling
Scientific EUR 3.566,95 (ELRA Members EUR 3.566,95)
Commercial EUR 3.566,95 (ELRA Members EUR 3.566,95)

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