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Proper Nouns

Symbol $\sim$

As proper nouns names are marked that can't be translated into another language such as surnames and first names of people, names of streets, hotels and restaurants, company names, names of institutions, local places, national holidays etc. According to this, names are not labelled as proper nouns if they appear not only in one language and thus can be translated. In this category we find names of international holidays, names of countries and continents, the names of the seven seas etc. . If the proper noun consists of several words, that in regular orthography are separated by blank spaces, they will be here linked by pluses between each part of the name.

w001_ptd_001_AAA: ich m"ochte gerne in dem Restaurant
~Zur+blauen+Traube einen Tisch f"ur ~Kirchweih reservieren .
Das liegt doch in der ~Richard-Strau"s-Stra"se ?

w001_ptd_001_AAA: wei"st du noch , als wir letztes Jahr von
England nach Amerika "uber den Atlantik gesegelt sind ?
Typical for the German orthography is that names of streets are always connected by dashes.

Susen Rabold