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Pronunciation Comments

Symbol <!n...>

The pronunciation comment indicates that the subject showes at this point an unusual pronunciation (like slang, something with a hint of a foreign accent or dialect, word contractions, assimiliations or mispronunciations). Thus, pronunciation comments show the deviation between actual pronunciation and the `canonical form'. In the case of contractions the number of the contracted words is given after the exclamation mark of the label. The label follows the lexical item, seperated by a blank space.

w001_ptd_001_AAA: das <!1 des> will <!1 wui> ich <!1 i> aber
<!1 aba> nicht <!1 net> sehen .

w001_ptd_001_AAA: kommst du <!2 koms'u> mal <!1 ma'> schneller
in die Gänge .

Susen Rabold