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Filled Pause

Symbol <"ah>

In spontaneous speech filled pauses are defined as pauses that are filled with some vocalisation. A filled pause may occur when a speaker thinks about something. The speaker actually interrupts his speech while continuing his articulation. This articulation is however neither a word nor part of a word and should thus not be treated as such. As a consequence a puncuation mark cannot follow a filled pause, it has to come first. Nevertheless a filled pause can make a turn of its own.

w001_ptd_001_AAA: <hm>

w001_ptd_001_AAA: welches <"ah> Restaurant kannst du mir
empfehlen .

In German transcripts the label <h"as> is used when the subject produces hesitations like `brrt', `pf', `puh' and the like.

Susen Rabold