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Speaker Interference

Symbol ..n@ (passive speaker interference of lexical units)
  @n.. (active speaker interference of lexical units)
  ..n@> (passive speaker interference of other events)
  <@n.. (active speaker interference of other events)

Speaker interference occurs when the subject and the system speak at the same time or when noises occur while the subject (or the system) speaks. From the point of view of the subject an interference may be either passive or active, depending on whether the speaker is the one who has been interrupted or the one who has interrupted. The labelling indicates, in either case both the turn components passively affected by and the turn components actively affecting the interference.

It's quite usual that within a dialogue there are several speaker interferences. This is why interferences are numbered consecutively.

w001_ptd_001_AAA: ich m"ochte gerne in der N"ahe des 
~Marktplatz1@ par=1@ <*T>t
w001_ptw_002_SMA: @1bitte @1w"ahle @1ein Parkhaus aus .

w001_ptw_015_SMA: hier sehen Sie die Sehensw"urdigkeiten
<#>3@> von3@ ~Heidelberg3@ .
w001_ptd_016_AAA: @3ja , <@3<"ahm> @3genau @3das wollte
ich von dir gezeigt bekommen .

Susen Rabold