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Symbol <OOT>

As seen before (3.1.8.), Off-Talk is labelled if the subject reads aloud or uses speech which is not relevant to the SmartKom system. If this applies only to single words or phrases, and not to the whole turn, the labels are attached directly to the end of each word spoken in Off-Talk.

w001_ptd_001_AAA: zeig mir die italienischen Restaurants hier .
w001_ptw_002_SMA: hier siehst du die italienischen Restaurants
von ~Heidelberg .
w001_ptd_003_AAA: mhm . ~<*IT>Milano<ROT> , ~<*IT>Roma<ROT> .
welches<OOT> von<OOT> den<OOT> beiden<OOT> ist<OOT> jetz'<OOT>
besser<OOT> ? <P> !KEYSmartakus , welches Restaurant kannst du
empfehlen ?

Susen Rabold