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Man-Machine-Interaction by coordinated analysis and generation of multiple models

  1. Overview

The persons in charge are...


a. Workshops within the scope of Smartkom:

1. SmartKom-Dataworkshop

2. QuickTime-Workshop

3. Prototype-Workshop

4. SOKo-Workshop (2nd Prototype-Workshop)

5. Barge-In Workshop

6. EVAL-Workshop

b. Smartkom is looking for a name!

1. Name competition

2. The results of our name competition

c. Technological informations:

1. Transliteration conventions

2. Transliteration of spontaneous speech data - Lexicon of the transliteration conventions (Download

3. Conventions for file names in Smartkom (data pool)(Download

4. Subjects database (Download

5. Recording manual for the prototype; Recordings - SmartKom (Download

6. Recording manual for biometrical studies (Download

7. Technical setup of the data pool - SmartKom (Download

8. Guidelines for the creation of wordlists - SmartKom (Download

9. Test recordings.

10. Examples of the voice output of our prototype.

11. Prosody manual.

12. DVD drive: Overview.

13. Testfilm (4 views in parallel), 14 s, Apple DV Codec, AVI-Format (54MB)

b. Jobs:

1. IPSK is looking for staff

2. Are you crazy about High Tech ?


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