Example for a recorded dialog in american English

This sample dialog was recorded within the VERBMOBIL project at Carnegie Mellon University. You can listen to the recorded turns by clicking on the Turn-Markers.
Note that the retrieved audio files have 8000 Hz, Ulaw coding resulting in a much worse quality than the original data (16000 Hz, 16 bit linear). Also note that the size of the sound files range from 10 to 204 kB. So, if you have a connection of less than 1kB/sec to our site the download times may be quite boring ;-)
Explanations to the various symbols of the transliteration can be found in the Transliterations-Lexikon.


;Dialog rXXXc
; This file was generated by an automatic transform of the file
;    mXXX_mYYY_00.trans 
; The original, unchanged turns are written as a comment under
; the converted turns. Note that the conversion does NOT produce
; a full compatible VERBMOBIL format. However, the syntax should
; be correct, if the input file was correct CMU/KA code.
; Programm: cmu2vm Version: 1.8 [24.08.95]
; Authors: Michael Lehning, Braunschweig
;          Susanne Burger, Florian Schiel, Munich

XXX000: <:<#> <Schmatzen> <A> Mr <#> Helwig <;period> <#> I would <!2 
        I'd> like to get together <#> with you sometime during August 
        to <;comma> <A> talk to you <#> for <#> about two hours 
        <;period> <#Klicken>:> <;seos> 

YYY001: <#Klicken> <Schmatzen> <A> okay <;period> <;seos> <P> the first 
        week in August is out <;period> <;seos> I can not <!2 can't> 
        make any days there <;period> <;seos> <A> but the second week 
        in <!1 ist> August looks fairly free <;period> <;seos> <A> how 
        'bout the ninth eleventh or twelfth <;period> <A> <#Klicken> 
        <#> <;seos> 

XXX002: <:<#> <Schmatzen> <A> +/ho=/+ how does the ninth at <;comma> 
        <#> two <#> $P $M sound <;period> <#> <Schmatzen>:> <;seos> 

YYY003: <Schmatzen> <A> the ninth at two $P $M sounds fine <;period> 
        <A> <#Klicken> <#> <;seos> 

XXX004: <A> okay I will <!2 I'll> see you then <;period> <A> <#Klicken> 

YYY005: <Schmatzen> sounds good <;comma> <A> <#Klicken> <A> <#> <#> 


Florian Schiel