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Compound Markers (#)

Compound markers (#) should only be used if two or more transparent, or in simplified terms 'meaningful', units can be separated. A meaningful unit in that sense is a content word that keeps its meaning even though a second unit is added.

Example: Fernsehturm f'E6nze:#t''U6m
  dunkelblau d'UNk@l#bl"aU
  staubsaugen St'aUp#z"aUg@n

Not marked, however, is:

Example: Bahnhof b'a:nh''o:f

This is due to the fact that a 'Fernsehturm' is still a 'Turm', while a 'Bahnhof' is not a 'Hof' anymore.

Parallel to that not marked are constructions with prefixes and suffixes, as in these cases only one 'meaningful' unit is involved.

Example: vorlesen f'o:6l''e:z@n
  Sicherheit z'IC6haIt

Units representing truncated words or slips of the tongue do not receive any compound markers.

Sonja Biersack 2003-04-02