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Function Word Markers (+)

As a function word are mainly those words marked that cannot be inflected, i.e. all pronouns, articles, prepositions, conjunctions and adverbs; in addition all forms of the so-called copula verbs 'haben' (to have) and 'sein' (to be).

Units representing truncated words or slips of the tongue do not receive any function word markers.

Also not marked should be adverbs that are at the same time basic forms of adjectives.

Example: über Q'y:b6+
  abends Q'a:b@nts+
  bin b'In+
  den d'e:n+
  etwas Q'Etvas+
  ihre Q'i:r@+
  irgendwann Q'I6g@ntv'an+
  normalerweise nO6m'a:l6vaIz@+
  sondern z'Ond6n+
  und Q'Unt+
  werden v'e:6d@n+
 But: kurz
  t''aglich   t'E:klIC

As here the marker (+) comes after the transcribed unit there will be no overlaps with the morpheme markers (see also Morpheme Markers).

Sonja Biersack 2003-04-02