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  • BAS web applications - interactive tools to be used in a web browser:
    • BAS WebMAUS - segment and label your speech data online (Videos: Introduction, HowTo)
    • Initiate Weblicht Chain with audio data and use WebMAUS in Weblicht (Demo)
    • BAS PERCY - run your perception experiments over the Web (Video)
    • BAS G2P - text-to-phoneme conversion, tokenization, format conversions, additional documentation
    • BAS Pho2Syl - syllabification of phonetic/phonemic transcripts
    • BAS TextAlign - optimal alignment of symbolic chains (e.g. transcripts)
    • BAS ChunkPreparation - pre-processing of time-aligned orthographic transcripts (TextGrid, EAF) for MAUS processing
    • BAS WebMINNI - phonetic transcription of speech signals without text input
    • BAS Chunker - automatic pre-chunking of very long recordings
    • BAS ASR - automatic orthographic transcription using automatic speech recognition
    • BAS EMU Magic - automatic generation of a EMU-SDMS database
    • BAS Subtitle - Automatic generation of subtitles
    • BAS Anonymizer - Automatic anonymization of media and annotation files
    • BAS MARY TTS - speech synthesis: automatic text-to-speech conversion for German texts in 4 different voices
    • BAS COALA - automatic generation of CMDI metadata for speech corpora
    • Emu webApp - browser inline speech annotation and segmentation tool
    • OCTRA - browser inline transcription of speech signals
    Also note that most of the above services can be linked in a processing pipeline using the BAS Pipeline service.
  • BAS web services - applications that can be accessed by REST calls (e.g. to process large data collections or to embed in other applications)
  • BAS Update Service - what you expect after obtaining a BAS speech resource
  • BAS Validation - BAS validates your speech resources
  • BAS Download - BAS resources and related useful information for free
  • BAS Software - BAS software tools for free download: SpeechRecorder, ...
  • Spin-off BAS Services Schiel - detailed infos about the commercial wing of BAS