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The AsiCa-corpus consists of audio recordings of speakers of the Calabrian dialect (south Italian) in essence. In the years 2004 and 2005 the data was collected mostly in Calabrian but also partly in Germany. The main motivation for the corpus collection was the documentation of specific Calabrian syntactic characteristics and the analysis of their stability in the contact with Germans caused by migration. Therefore two groups of speakers were selected: One group with informants with migration experience and the other group without such an experience. Attention was paid to an equal distribution of the geographic origin of the informants and other speaker characteristics, which are coded in naming of the particular interviews.

Numbers of 2016-08-31 (corpus version 1.1):

Corpus dokumentation

Signal example

Recording Pol2wIQ1.wav
E: [ripete] no ffujiri men\t.\f.\sw men\t.\f.i fujia katthi ... veni piggjati u pani ... pimmu si lava epp u ne\sh\sh di ffora ...

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