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Evaluation of the similarity of brothers' voices - BROTHERS

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BROTHERS contains recordings of pairs of brothers between the ages of 19 and 31. The native and recorded language is German. The recordings were analyzed in Hanna Feiser's dissertation 'Untersuchung auditiver und akustischer Merkmale zur Evaluation der Stimmähnlichkeit von Brüderpaaren unter forensischen Aspekten' to evaluate the pair-wise similarity of sibling voices and the degree to which they are confused by listeners. Recordings consist of minimal pairs in carrier sentences, a different set of sentences aimed at elicitating the full range of German vowels ('Berliner Sätze'), and a spontaneous dialogue about a TV-series. Recordings were made via a table microphone (studio quality) and via telephone (telephone quality). Transcriptions and an automatically derived phonetic segmentation are provided along with the formant and fundamental frequency SSFF tracks used in the original dissertation. The corpus is provided as a ready-for-use emuR compatible emu database.

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