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PHONRUL is a collection of computer-readable under-specifying pronunciation rules of High German. The set does not contain any dialect-specific rules, however the line between fluent High German and dialects is arbitrary.
Presently this rule set is used at the university of Munich to aid full automatic segmentation and labelling of unknown speech utterances.

The rule set was transferred to BAS for general distribution in Oct 1996.

The rule set in it's present form consists of approx. 1500 complex rules which expands to 5546 simple replacement rules. The rule set was designed for extended German SAM-PA, but can be translated into other alphabets (eg. Worldbet, IPA) without much effort.

A more detailed description of the rule set can be found here. A possible algorithm to apply the rules to a canonic pronunciation is described here.


Oct 1996 : 9.0 - first version for distribution

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The rule set PHONRUL is distributed to scientific and commercial institutions. A fee to cover our administrative and technical expenses is charged and a signed user agreement should be faxed or send by mail to the BAS.

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