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The SmartKom corpora were produced at BAS in the years 1999 to 2003 within the SmartKom project which was funded by the German Ministry of Education and Science. The corpus consists of multi-modal recordings ('sessions') of 224 persons in a Wizard-of-Oz setting. More details regarding the specification and production can be found here; an overview about the total corpus has been published at LREC 2002.

Release SKP contains 172 recordings in the technical setup ('scenario') SmartKom Public which is comparable to a traditional public phone booth but equipped with additional intelligent communication devices. Naive users were asked to test a 'prototype' for a market study not knowing that the system was in fact controlled by two human operators. They were asked to solve two tasks in a period of 4,5 min while they were left alone with the system. The instruction was kept to a minimum; in fact the user only knew that the system is able to understand speech, gestures and even mimical expressions and should more or less communicate like a human.

Main technical features of release SKP

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Recording sessions : Overview

This table contains an overview about all SmartKom recording sessions (many of them might not be contained on this release!). For each recording one line with 35 TAB separated colums contains the following data: session id and dvd number (1-2), recorded modalities (channels, 3-20), annotations (21-26) and some selected features of the user. As you can see not all recordings have the full range of modalities or annotations (missing parts are marked with a '-'). The above table is intended to simplify the selection of recording sessions for specific tasks.

Availablility and fees

Since the SmartKom corpus was produced with public fundings, there are no restrictions to use the data except that the corpus as well as parts of it must not be distributed explicitly to third parties (the distribution of implicit data as statistical models, rules derived from the data, etc. is permitted).
The corpus is structured into so called 'volumes' usually containing on recording session on DVD-5 (4,3 - 4,7 GByte). To individually select recording sessions for your order please use the above described table.
The fee for single volumes of this release is set to 1 BAS distribution fee:

SmartKom Single Volume
1 DVD-5 UDF + Postage + Packaging
EUR 255,65 (ELRA Members 50% discount)

The fee for the total release SKP is:

SmartKom SKP
1 USB HD + Postage + Packaging
EUR 4.500,- (ELRA Members 3.000,-)

It is possible to order parts or selected channels from the distribution. For example you might be interested only in the facial video channel in combination with user state labeling or in the audio channels in combination with the transliteration. The distribution fee is caculated by the number of needed DVD-5 for distribution times the BAS distribution fee.

Please also consider the special edition SKAUDIO with audio channels only.

Questions and orders to

Florian Schiel