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VeriDat Speaker Verification Corpus - VERIF1DE

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The speech corpus VERIF1DE contains 20 recordings (session) of 150 German speakers each over the telephone network. Sessions are distributed over a period of time (speakers were not allowed to record more than one session a day, but this was not controlled). Each session contains 40 single recordings, mainly speech read from a prompt sheet. The acoustic environment is classified into quiet (14) and noisy (6); the telephone channel is either fixed network (10) or GSM (10). Recorded content is mainly SpeechDat conform extended by some extra items. The corpus has been pre-validated by BAS, then repaired (extra recordings to replace missing items), and then a final validation was performed by SPEX. After the final validation (version 1) the corpus was again repaired to some extend (version 1.3).

Number of 2001-10-24 (final corpus 1.3):

Corpus dokumentation README

Corpus dokumentation Description

SPEX Validation Report (version 1.0)

Comments to SPEX Validation Report (Version 1.3)


Türk, U. (2008). Compensation Techniques for Network Mismatch in Telephone-Based Speaker Verification. Selbstverlag (urn:nbn:de:bvb:91-diss-20071022-631396-1-3).

Türk, U., Schiel, F. (2003). Speaker Verification Based on the German VeriDat Database. In Procedings of the EUROSPEECH 2003, pp 2025-2028.

Signal Example

Recording C10178L3.DEA

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VeriDat Speaker Verification Corpus - VERIF1DE
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