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Indication of Language in a Multilingual Dialogue

The language code follows the standard of the so-called ISO-language-codes:

Symbol <*tXX> with XX standing for the following variables
  EN = English
  DE = German (in non-German dialogues or multilingual dialogues)
  FR = French
  IT = Italian
  ES = Spanish
  JA = Japanese

In a multilingual dialogue a language code is placed after each turn name according to the language used:

w001_ptd_001_AAA: <*tEN> good morning , ~John . how are you ?

w001_ptd_002_AAB: <*tDE> guten Tag , Herr ~Miller . danke , es
geht mir gut .
<*tXX> is followed and preceded by a blank space. Note that the transliteration of the dialogue follows the orthography of the respective language used.

Susen Rabold