Repetition or Correction
Symbol +/. . ./+

The tendency of speakers engaging in spontaneous discourse to stutter during moments of excitement, uncertainty, or temporary verbal incapacitation, and to subsequently correct themselves after such errors of speech.

Description The +/. . ./+ convention is used to symbolize when this phenomenon actually occurs in a transcript - when a speaker either repeats or corrects himself.
When to use [+/. . ./+]

1. When a word or phrase is repeated by the same speaker in succession

2. When a speaker corrects or substitutes a new word for one s/he previously started, but continues with the same idea or train of thought

Rules for Transcribing [+/. . ./+]

The phrase to be corrected (or repeated) is set in slash marks in such a way that the removal of the marks would leave a more or less grammatically correct sentence.

ex: we saw +/the gor=/+ the two gorillas at the zoo


1. +/if/+ if anybody wants to influence President Clinton <*T>t

2. yeah , so it is good for +/mor=/+ +/high/+ help morale and welfare .

3. and always ask for help , if I +/can't find/+ don't know the answer myself, I will find it.