Turn Break
Symbol <*T>t

If a speaker contribution is aborted immaturely, it is not possible to use [.] or [?] at the end. The <*T>t symbol is thus used instead of punctuation.

Description A turn break is the result of either a) technical disturbance affecting the recording, or b) the action of the speaker himself, who may be interrupted by his dialogue partner or for some reason ceases to speak in the middle of a turn. Furthermore, a speaker contribution, that ends with or consists only of a non-identifiable utterance (<%>) is considered as incomplete and demands a <*T>t-tag.
Examples 1. 1. thanks , we <uh> <*T>t
2. Speaker 1: no , it1@ is1@ <*T>t
....Speaker 2: @1of @1course it is .
  3. do you want t= <*T>t .
4. I can <%> <*T>t
  5. <%> <*T>t