Aborted Articulation
Symbol =

The sudden discontinuation or interruption of a word that has begun to be articulated, but has not been completely enunciated.  In other words, a particular word is broken-off or terminated at a point where some of the component sounds have been voiced, but the rest have been cut off before being articulated.

Description The aborted articulation is represented by the equal sign [=].  Examples include stutters and interruptions. 
Rules for Transcribing the [=]

1. When a speaker has begun to say a word, but does not finish enunciating the word

2.During a series of stutters where a given word is repeated but not completely pronounced

Examples 1. uh-huh , you are wa= <*T>t
2. ah, so . -/this was the prob=/- mhm
  3. mhm . no , +/it shoul=/+ it should not be incredibly detailed .
4. +/cou=/+ could that be ?
  5. of course , they are expecting us to have it on the n= <*T>t
  6. +/sh=/+ +/sh=/+ she came back from a year ago , so .