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The first edition of the PD1 corpus (PhonDat Edition) contains only the speech signals, the orthography and the so called canonical form of the utterances, but no further informations. The new edition of the PD1 corpus including the following changes/extensions:

General Corpus Documentation

Contents of the Corpus

Revalidation report

Audio files

Speaker JAN - Sentence 319
Du hilfst mir beim Fernstudium.
Speaker BUR - Sentence 107
Geld allein macht nicht glücklich.

Availability and Costs

Free for scientific usage.
Licenced edition for commercial use.
PhonDat 1 - PD1
4 CDROM Iso 9660 + Postage + Packaging EUR 1022.58 (ELRA Members 50% discount)
License commercial EUR 8180.67
License commercial ELRA member EUR 7158.09
License scientific EUR 0.00

Orders for a scientific licence must include a written declaration that no parts of the corpus will be used for the development of commercial products of any kind.

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Florian Schiel